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With over 15 years of experience in maintaining, repairing and managing commercial swimming pools, Pool Geeks has the knowledge to accommodate all of your pool, spa, and other wet area needs. We provide pool services to all commercial properties including HOA pools, hotels, fitness facilities, condo / apartment complexes, recreation centers, country clubs, community centers and more.

We utilize cutting edge technology including commercial grade chemical controllers, ultraviolet sanitizers, robotic pool cleaners, and energy efficient equipment to create an environment that allows your customers and residents to enjoy an optimal experience.

Our professional technicians have all the necessary training, certifications, licensing and insurance to ensure that your bodies of water are kept in top operating condition and in compliance will all local and state regulations.

Pool Geeks has a full understanding of the hassle and liability that is associated with managing commercial swimming pool and we have made it our mission to manage these responsibilities for all of our clients so that they can focus on the heart of their businesses. By maintaining proper water chemistry and providing a clean, safe, and fun environment we can help you to reduce customer complaints, amenity down time, and injuries.

In addition to our technicians in the field, we have a fully staffed customer service department in our office to ensure that your needs are met and that our team has exceeded your expectations. Whether you have questions about your service, billing or simply need to schedule an additional service call, we are here to help.

Pool Geeks partners with Colorado Pool Systems behind our daily service program.  Colorado Pool Systems is the largest commercial pool construction company in Colorado and provides new build and pool renovation services. In addition, “Piranha Industries the owner of Pool Geeks”, is one of the largest commercial pool chemical, parts, and equipment suppliers in the United States. Hence, we have the ability to bring you the best service top to bottom for all of your pool and spa needs.

Our vision is simple, to become your partner in all aspects of maintaining and managing your commercial pool and spa. Call us today and allow us the opportunity to show you how a partnership with Pool Geeks can improve your wet area, reduce amenity downtime, lower operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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