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Commercial Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is one of the most important investments you will make when having a commercial pool. Regular pool service will lower your overall operating costs, extend the life of your pool and spa, and reduce health risks and liabilities associated with the quality of your water.

Pool Geeks provides customized pool service programs for all sizes of commercial and community swimming pools and spas. We service HOA pools, hotels, fitness facilities, condo / apartment complexes, recreation centers, country clubs, community centers and more. We provide commercial facilities with complete pool service and maintenance, timely and effective repairs, or installation of the latest in cutting edge pool equipment.

While our commercial pool and spa service and maintenance program is 100% customized to meet your exact needs and budget, our experienced and trained service technicians can provide:

  • Daily, weekly, or custom service calls
  • All chemicals included
  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Skim pool surface
  • Brush pool walls
  • Clean pool tiles
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Check filter pressure and backwash as needed
  • Filter media replacement or filter cleaning
  • Calibrate chemical controllers
  • Inspect pool equipment
  • Perform regular equipment maintenance
  • Filter Service
  • Maintain MSDS sheets on site
  • Maintain VGB documentation

All service programs include digital reporting of each visit. This provides clear documentation of the date and time the service was performed along with Chemical readings and services performed while on site.

Please contact us to schedule a FREE onsite visit to provide us the opportunity to create a custom plan for you. We do not quote prices on-line or by phone, as each customer and location is unique in its needs and we believe in providing a personalized customer service experience.

Seasonal Pool Opening and Closing

Pool Geeks provides full service pool openings and closings. Our pool opening service includes connecting all equipment, filling the pool to the appropriate water level, balancing the chemical levels, cleaning the pool, starting up the pumps, and verifying all equipment is in proper working order.  Our pool winterizing service includes lowering the water level and clearing out all pipes, disconnecting all required equipment, and adding required chemicals to prevent freezing.

Commercial Pool Equipment Repair and Installation

Pool Geeks offers a wide array of pool repair and new equipment installation services to keep your pool in optimum condition. Whether you need existing equipment repaired or would like to upgrade your equipment to the most cutting edge technology, our team of professionals can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your commercial pool needs. A few of the repair and installation services we offer include:

  • Pool & Spa Chemical Automation
  • Acid Wash
  • TriChlor Bath (plaster bleaching)
  • Pressure washing
  • Deck Cleaning and Repair
  • Pool Draining
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Deck and Pool Caulking
  • Replace lighting
  • Pool Automation
  • Pump, Motor, Filter, Heater Repair
  • Pump, Motor, Filter, Heater Replacement
  • Re-Plaster pool and/or spa
  • Green or cloudy pool recovery

When a repair is needed, Pool Geeks will always provide you with a written estimate showing the total cost of parts and labor. We will never start any repairs without your prior consent.

Emergency Rescue Service

Your pool and spa are an essential part of your business or community. If you find yourself in a situation where you have an amenity down due to water chemistry issues or failed equipment contact Pool Geeks and we will dispatch our Quick Response Team to get your pool or spa back up and running in as quickly as possible.

VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker) Safety Act Compliance

The VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act went into effect in December of 2008 and requires all new and existing commercial pools and spas to be in compliance with entrapment prevention standards.  The interpretation and enforcement of the laws vary by county and can be very confusing to property owners.  Pool Geeks has years of experience of dealing with Health Departments and inspectors.  Let us take the questions, worry and liability of this very serious federal mandate off of your shoulders.  The Pool Geek professionals can bring your pool and/or spa into compliance, maintain your vital compliance records and vigorously support you during any inspection of your wet area.

Building and Health Code Representation

Has your location been contacted by a building or health department and been served noticed your wet area is not in compliance with one or more of the constantly changing codes? Contact Pool Geeks to take over the hassle and headache of resolving the issues at hand. With our in-depth knowledge of all local and state codes and regulations along with our strong relationships with all government departments, we can have your pool and spa open in compliance and open for business in no time at all!

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